REVIEW: Fishpond Yellowstone Wader Duffle

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought you had everything you needed, only to find out, as you were gearing up, that you left something very important back at the house? I have on many occasions. I would load up my tub with waders and boots, grab my fishing pack with what I was hoping would be the right fly boxes, grab my reel case and rod tubes, my small duffle with a change of clothes and a small snack for the trip. However, without fail, I would forget one of those things. My gear would be everywhere, and I would have no real way of keeping it all in order.

Then one day, a few years ago, I saw a product called the Fishpond Yellowstone Wader/Duffle bag. I thought it was a great idea but something I would not need because the next trip I would remember everything and be good. Well, the next trip would come and sure enough, I left something I needed. A few months ago I figured I would pull the trigger and make the purchase, and I am glad that I did.


The Yellowstone Wader/Duffle Bag is a solid bag made out of their cyclepond material (recycled commercial fishing net). The material does a great job of being water resistant. I had no fear leaving my bag on the ground in rain while I was loading other things in my vehicle. The material is also very abrasion resistant. I didn’t worry about hauling this thing back to a spot on the creek that was going to be basecamp. It takes a beating. The only issue I have with the construction is the rubber netting that allows the bag to breathe around your waders and drain any excess water. I noticed that I have a small one inch gap starting to form where the netting is pulling away from the stitching. Only time will tell if this is the only worry I will have or if the netting will continue to pull away.

The main zipper on this bag is great. It is an asymmetrical main zippered cargo area. This really allows for you to open the bag up and stuff things in there. I have had no problem with the zippers. They are nice and large and feature great pull tabs. The bag also features a nice shoulder strap and grab handles.

This bag functions great as a wader bag. I can easily fit my waders and boots (size 11) on the bottom of the bag with actual room to spare for a wet rain jacket if I needed to. It does a great job of allowing my wet gear to breath while keeping all my other gear nice and dry. The other reason I really like this bag that it can function as a regular duffle bag for non-fishing trips. I have taken it on trips where it would hold more than enough close for a week in the main compartment and then I would store all my shoes in the wader section of the bag.


This bag features only one small external zipper pocket in addition to the main compartment and the wader compartment. This is useful for just some small items. I kind of wish that this bag featured a few more pockets, or at least some stuff pockets along the inside of the main compartment to help organize gear. The bag also features a fold out matt to stand on so you can change into your waders without having to worry about pesky gravel. The matt is somewhat cushioned and does provide a nice area to change on.

The bag also comes with two straps to slide a rod tube into. The straps are rubberized on the inside and offer a super tight grip on the rod tube.

A great feature is the size of the bag. The main compartment can hold a Fishpond Dragonfly waist bag fully loaded, a Fishpond Westwater Sling fully loaded and a Vedavoo Tightlines sling fully loaded, as well as a large boat box and a Fishpond Sweetwater Reel Case in size medium. The awesome thing is that you still have room for other items like camera gear if you want. I also keep a tenkara rod in there at all times as a back up rod or if I feel like using that instead. It fits nicely in the rod tube in the bag

This is a great bag! I now keep all of my fishing gear in there and only have to worry about grabbing one thing!


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